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What is the proper way , using MultiActionController? I got in my Restaurant class:

private byte[] logo;

In my database I got table BLOB image. By using hibernate, it saves to my database properly by:

<td>Logo :</td>
<td>< input type="file" name="logo" /></td>

But i dont know how to shows this image on another site. Maybe:

< img src="<%=("restaurant.logo")%>" alt="Upload Image" />


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You should do something like this, create a new field in your Restaurant and have the byte[] converted to Image and use that field.

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A "Spring MVC + Hibernate + Maven" fully working example: sites.google.com/site/adrienitnotes/java/… –  Adrien Be Oct 7 '12 at 11:55

If I understand your problem, you need a controller getting your picture from database and returning it as a stream to web browser.

You can for example map controller method with request: /restaurant/logo/{id}

Then you should just type

<img src="<c:url value='/restaurant/logo/${restaurant.id}' />" alt="Upload Image" />

I you add more of code, I'll be able to give you more hints.

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Please do have a look here!

This is more generic and points at all types of files upload and download.

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