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I am developing a small application that lists all the applications present/ installed on the android device. But I'm getting the below error while i'm trying to run the code.


Please can any one help me to sort out this error.

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There are many errors in the manifest.xml file that can cause this error code, see PackageParser.java error list answer below. –  Ribo Sep 3 '14 at 13:54
You didn't accept an answer? –  shieldgenerator7 Dec 16 '14 at 13:26
Follow this link You will get your answer stackoverflow.com/questions/16015033/… –  Sritam Jagadev Dec 17 '14 at 7:29
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Activity name should be prefixed with "." in your manifest file.

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And the reason? –  Pacerier Feb 10 '12 at 13:10
in Manifest you declared package attribute with package, so when you create activity you put "." to be preceded by package name, you can also type the full name of the activity like : "com.example.test.Activity_Name", or ".Activity_Name" –  Amt87 Sep 18 '12 at 7:40
Perfect answer !!! –  SAHIL Mar 6 '13 at 6:04

There could be another reason for this error. The attribute


Should always start with a dot, like:

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I was having this error because i had capital letters in my package name like this


after i had changed it to something like


it was solved

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this solved my problem. My activity class was under a package which called Activities, and i add it to manifest before this error appeared. when i changed the Activities package name to activities, it solved. Thanks –  alicanbatur Nov 26 '13 at 11:38
I think you can have capital letters in the package name, however, the 1st letter in the package name cannot be a capital letter. So "myActivity" = OK but "MyActivity"= Not OK –  Gene Aug 18 '14 at 22:17

Check your Activity name in manifest file

or the Package name in main activity/class

<activity android:name="MainActivity"></activity>
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My issue was that I had written (Notice the - vs. the _):

<meta_data ... /> 
<!-- instead of -->
<meta-data ... />

under an activity. This might be the cause of your issue as well.

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Any name such as android:name, android:process should be in form of package name: starts with a..z, combines with others with ., do not end with ....

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How is that relevant to the user's question? –  Igor Ganapolsky May 6 '12 at 0:27
@IgorG. Sorry I lost my point :-( But the new SDK removed that field (here). –  user942821 May 6 '12 at 2:08
Thank you. I called a process such a way: android:process="com.my_pack.services.MyServiceProcess" (com.my_pack.services is the package where my service is) and the installation error will not show up after that. –  Maksim Dmitriev Feb 1 '13 at 6:21

The INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED error code is returned by PackageParser.java when it detects any of a large number of errors in the manifest.xml file.

To isolate the error, look in logcat (when you do the 'adb install foo.apk' command). In the problem I encountered, logcat contained:

W/ActivityManager(  360): No content provider found for permission revoke: file:///data/local/tmp/foo.apk
D/Finsky  (32707): [1] PackageVerificationReceiver.onReceive: Verification requested, id = 6
D/Finsky  (32707): [1] WorkerTask.onPreExecute: Verification Requested for id = 6,   data=file:///data/local/tmp/foo.apk flags=112 fromVerificationActivity=false
W/PackageParser(32707): /data/local/tmp/foo.apk (at Binary XML file line #214): <provider> does not include authorities attribute
D/Finsky  (32707): [716] PackageVerificationService.getPackageInfo: Cannot read archive for file:///data/local/tmp/foo.apk in request id=6
D/Finsky  (32707): [1] PackageVerificationReceiver.onReceive: Verification requested, id = 6
W/ActivityManager(  360): No content provider found for permission revoke: file:///data/local/tmp/foo.apk
I/PackageManager(  360): Copying native libraries to /data/app-lib/vmdl1205566381
W/PackageParser(  360): /data/app/vmdl1205566381.tmp (at Binary XML file line #214): <provider> does not include authorities attribute

In the fourth line above, you can see that PackageParser complains that line #214 of the manifest.xml file "<provider> does not include authorities attribute". See the listing below of all the cases in PackageParser that returns that error code. (PackageParser is the only class that produces the PackageManager.INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED error code)

In my case the message "<provider> does not include authorities attribute" is produced by line 2490 of PackagerParser.java in the parseProvider function called by parseApplication.

From the 4.1.1 version of frameworks/base/core/java/android/content/pm/PackageParser.java, PackageManager.INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED is referenced on these lines in these methods. If the source code line number is followed by a quoted string that is the message printed in logcat. if the line number is followed by a Java expression that is the code that caused that error code to be returned that that function should be investigated to see what caused the error message to be returned. In a couple cases I couldn't isolate the error cause to one specific method call.

in parsePackage:
  536:  (only used in 'core apps' with no 'pkg')
  973:  "<manifest> has more than one <application>"
  1275: "Bad element under <manifest>: "      --if RIGID_PARSER

in parsePermissionGroup:
  1464: !parsePackageItemInfo(owner, perm.info, outError,
    "<permission-group>", sa,
  1482: !parseAllMetaData(res, parser, attrs, "<permission-group>", perm,

in parsePermission:
  1506: !parsePackageItemInfo(owner, perm.info, outError,
    "<permission>", sa,
  1530: "<permission> does not specify protectionLevel"
  1541: "<permission>  protectionLevel specifies a flag but is not based on signature type"
  1548: !parseAllMetaData(res, parser, attrs, "<permission>", perm, outError)

in parsePersmissionTree:
  1572: !parsePackageItemInfo(owner, perm.info, outError,
    "<permission-tree>", sa,
  1585: "<permission-tree> name has less than three segments: "+perm.info.name
  1595: !parseAllMetaData(res, parser, attrs, "<permission-tree>", perm, outError)

in parseInstrumentation:
  1625: new Instrumentation(mParseInstrumentationArgs, new InstrumentationInfo())
  1648: "<instrumentation> does not specify targetPackage"
  1654: !parseAllMetaData(res, parser, attrs, "<instrumentation>", a, outError)

in parseApplication:
  1678: buildClassName(pkgName, name, outError) == null
  1851: (Set by various other functions)
  1869: parseActivity(owner, res, parser, attrs, flags, outError, false, hardwareAccelerated) == null
  1878: parseActivity(owner, res, parser, attrs, flags, outError, true, false) == null
  1887: parseService(owner, res, parser, attrs, flags, outError) == null
  1896: parseProvider(owner, res, parser, attrs, flags, outError) == null
    2484: "Heavy-weight applications can not have providers in main process"
    2890: "<provider> does not incude authorities attribute"
  1905: parseActivityAlias(owner, res, parser, attrs, flags, outError) == null
  1917: parseMetaData(res, parser, attrs, owner.mAppMetaData, outError) == null
  1969: "Bad element under <application>: "+tagName

It's regrettable that you have to poke around in logcat and the source to figure out what causes a problem.

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Got the same error! had empty permission tag and that was causing the problem!

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Please add some more detail to your answer –  kolossus Jan 26 '13 at 18:52
this guy is right... –  Roadies Feb 8 '13 at 12:30
Related reason - empty meta-data tag. –  k29 Jan 30 '14 at 22:27

I run into the same problem after adding localizations

<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
    android:versionName="@string/version_name" >

The string @string/version_name accidentally passed into one of new added localized string-file (it appeared only in the new files). After checking all the localizations and removing @string/version_name from every file except eng locale everything worked again

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My problem was as follows:

I was specifying my permissions in the following way and it was not working.

<permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET">
    <meta-data />
<permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE">
    <meta-data />

It was working fine when I changed it to be as follows:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" />
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Read your Android device logs to diagnose this error. Expect a "W/PackageParser" line explaining the problem.

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must be defined BEFORE

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There could be other files that are malformed but aren't highlighted in the IDE, for example the res/values/strings which the manifest may reference for things like labels.

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In my case the cause was absence of android:name attribute in < activity-alias >. It is obligatory for < activity-alias > although it must not name an existing class. Funny thing is - the project compiles without problems.

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I was having this error because i had the line below.


After I've changed it to


issue was solved

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I have the same issue but when i call process like this:

    android:process="screen" >

When i change to:

    android:process=":screen" >

Everything starts working.

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After struggling with this issue i found out that all values which are used as a string resource value (aka @string/) in the manifests (of the libraries you are using too), are not allowed to be part of strings.xml of localizations. Example: if your manifests file using @string/app_name, the definition of string/app_name is allowed only in your default values/strings.xml and not in the alternate string.xml file which you provide for localizations. I hope that helps..

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