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I have just started using the python-twitter API and it requires me to register the app for the authorization using OAuth.

But when i register with twitter it asks for a Application website.

Now the app I am creating is very basic I don't wish to share as I am doing this just for learning purposes and I don't have website.

So what do I do???

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Have you already read this?

Twitter REST API Method: oauth authorize

and from there this:


Desktop Clients

The traditional OAuth flow for desktop clients can be cumbersome. We've created a PIN-based experience for destkop clients that use the following flow:

  1. The application uses oauth/request_token to obtain a request token from

  2. The application directs the user to oauth/authorize on

  3. After obtaining approval from the user, a prompt on will display a 7 digit PIN.

  4. The user is instructed to copy this PIN and return to the appliction.

  5. The application will prompt the user to enter the PIN from step 4.

  6. The application uses the PIN as the value for the oauth_verifier parameter in a call to oauth/access_token which will verify the PIN and exchange a request_token for an access_token.

  7. Twitter will return an access_token for the application to generate subsequent OAuth signatures.

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