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In my iPhone app, I want to capitalize the first character in my UITextField's text.

How can it be done?

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NSString *text = [textField text];
NSString *capitalized = [[[text substringToIndex:1] uppercaseString] stringByAppendingString:[text substringFromIndex:1]];

NSLog(@"%@ uppercased is %@", text, capitalized); 
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Do not forget to apply condition when the string is empty, otherwise the function ends with a fatal error: return [string length] > 0 ? THE_FUNCTION_ABOVE : string; –  pedrouan May 28 at 14:10

In Interface Builder (or IB integrated into Xcode 4), if you click on UITextField you can set the text and keyboard behaviour.

Xcode 4 IB

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here I'm giving a suggestion you try with is . I hope it will be helpful for you.

Go in xib, select textfield then in attribute inspector you got capitalization just select words option

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NSString *capitalizedString = [textField.text capitalizedString];

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That will capitalize the first letter of each word, e.g. hello world will become Hello World. –  Super Chafouin May 22 at 3:34

If you have set up the text field in a nib file, select the nib you will see various 'Text Input Traits' in the Text Field Attributes - the first one in the list deals with capitalisation.

see rjstelling's answer.....

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Set the Capitalization drop down under textfield attributes to Sentences.

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