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As anything with CUDA, the most basic things are sometimes the hardest...

So...I just want to copy a variable from the CPU to a GPU's constant variable, and I am having a hard time.

This is what i have:

__constant__ int contadorlinhasx_d;

int main(){

int contadorlinhasx=100;

And i get this error error: no instance of overloaded function "cudaMemcpyToSymbol" matches the argument list
        argument types are: (int, int, unsigned long, int, cudaMemcpyKind)

Could anyone help me? I know it is some stupid error, but I am tired of googling it, and I have spent almost 30 minutes just trying to copy a stupid variable :/

Thanks in advance

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You need to do something like


[Note this is the old API call, now deprecated in CUDA 4.0 and newer]



If you look at the API documentation, the first two arguments are pointers. The first can either be a string, which will force a symbol lookup internally in the API (pre CUDA 4), or a device symbol address (CUDA 4 and later). The second argument is the address of the host source memory for the copy. The compiler error message is pretty explicit - you are passing the wrong types of argument and the compiler can't find an instance in the library which matches.

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Thank you! At one point I had "contadorlinhasx_d" but I forgot the "&" completely. I am really grateful for your help ;) – Bernardo May 19 '11 at 10:40

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