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Does anyone have any experience placing OpenOffice documents under source control using Subversion? In particular, does Subversion merge documents correctly/efficiently etc.?

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You have this project, an extension to openoffice that allows you to handle subversion stuff inside OpenOffice. Yet, it seems a little outdated :(

On the other hand, you have the odfsvn project that provides tools to handle OpenOffice document in subversion (but seems limited to Mac and Linux systems)

And last but not least, the tortoiseSVN scripts to retrieve OpenOffice diffs.

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Thanks, This could be very useful :) –  NWS May 19 '11 at 11:04

TortoiseSVN has diff and merge scripts for ODT and ODS, so they could potentially be merged. That depends on OpenOffice's capabilities in that regard, though.

Basically, those scripts call a helper program to do the comparison as all that SVN sees is a binary blob. The helper program in that case is simply a scripting interface to OpenOffice.

Just look in your TortoiseSVN\Diff-Scripts folder to find them. They are invoked automatically if yout try comparing or merging one of the supported files.

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