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I have 2 xml files and one function to parse them. The function has to know how to parse them according to the xml document root node name.

How can I get the root name?

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You can try the name() or localName() methods:

var xml:XML = <root><child /></root>
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hehe i was too slow ;) –  Patrick May 19 '11 at 10:40

use the name function of the XML object:

var xml1:XML=<foo></foo>
var xml2:XML=<bar></bar>
function parse(xml:XML):void{
parse(xml1) // trace foo
parse(xml2) // trace bar
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Assuming you have this XML:

var xml:XML = <TheRootNode><someData /></TheRootNode>;

Then to get the root node, you just call name():

Alert.show(xml.name()); // Displays "TheRootNode"


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