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Based on all the steps mentioned here, I have created a new application, uploaded its' binary and rejected it. I also added a product but its status is in "Ready to Submit" and the top right button "submit for review" is disabled. Is this normal?

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maybe due to this

in short: Lodsys has been threatening developers using in-app purchases about a patent they own and apple has licensed (but the license does not extend to developers), apple is investigating...

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Looks like Apple has responded to Lodsys:… – Andrew Garrison May 24 '11 at 19:49
More developments with Apple and Lodsys:… – Andrew Garrison Jun 10 '11 at 17:18

I just noticed this same thing yesterday as well. I stumbled around for a while and then I noticed that in the Add Version page for your new binary, there is a list of the In App Purchases you can submit for review along with the binary. Checking those In App Purchases and submitting the binary has moved the In App Purchases to the Waiting for Review state. It is confusing that the In App Purchase page has a grayed out Submit For Review button when I never had to click it.

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check-out . It has some indications and links to further info.

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