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I have a class Person which can have 4 type of addresses and there could be multiple number of adresses corresponding to a single type of address.

public class Person{
 Set<Address> addresses;

public class Address{
private int phoneNumber;   
private Type addressType;

public Enum Type{

So what i want to implement is when a person object is populated List of Addesses of a particular type should be populated with a particular type of address. however i wish to specify which type of address to be populated at run time. i think its possible through hibernate Filter XML config's but i want to implement it with annotations only.

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You can use @Filter annotations to filter out data at runtime.

public class Person{

     @Filter(name="filterAddressType", condition=":addressType = addressType")
     Set<Address> addresses;

And at runtime you can apply filter data via session as below:

session.enableFilter("filterAddressType").setParameter("addressType ", "Home");
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