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I'm using BoneCP connection pooling mechanism and I want to manage my transactions using support of the Spring framework. I found an example about Spring Transaction Management and I tried to apply this example. I got a DataSource instance from my connection pool and give this data source to created DataSourceTransactionManager as below.

DataSource dataSource = new BoneCPDataSource(getConnectionPool().getConfig());
DataSourceTransactionManager transactionManager = new DataSourceTransactionManager();

But when I test it, I saw that the transaction manager has written the data to the store before commit operation.

Can it be related with creating a new data source before transaction manager is created? or do you have any idea?

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I found the cause of the problem. I was using SDB RDF storage component. It is related with the implementation of the SDB's add triple method. I found that it directly calls the commit method of the current SQL connection. There is no problem about integrating DataSourceTransactionManager with BoneCP connection pool.

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