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I want to display product count in a link_to, the link_to is a part of partial displayed in application.erb.html, the problem is, I have a method in my application controller named products_on_cart which return products count, when I try this code:

<%= link_to "<%= products_on_cart%>", :controller=>"carts", :action=>"index"%>

rails give me an error:

"syntax error, unexpected '>'
...er=>"carts", :action=>"index"%>"

I don't really understand why, can somebody help me?

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You can't use <%= .. %> inside of <%= .. %>.

<%= link_to products_on_cart, [:carts] %>
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another problem appears, now rails cannot see my products_on_cart method which is in application controller –  Maki May 19 '11 at 12:25
in ApplicationController: helper_method :products_on_cart –  vicvega May 19 '11 at 12:27
now it works, thanks a lot –  Maki May 19 '11 at 12:30

You're nesting ERb tags. Make sure products_on_cart() is available as a helper method, then rewrite your link_to code without nested ERb tags as follows:

<%= link_to products_on_cart(), :controller => "carts", :action => "index" %>

To make products_on_cart() a helper method, either move it to app/helpers/application.rb, or declare it as a helper in your controller:

def products_on_cart()
  # method definition goes here

helper_method :products_on_cart

If you only need to access products_on_cart from your views and not from your controllers, putting it in app/helpers/application.rb is the preferred way to go. If you need to use it in both controllers and views, use the helper_method approach above instead.

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