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I wondered if there is any possibility to figure out since when a fan on Facebook is a fan? The only idea I came up with was to crawl the whole feed of a fan page and track the first like of a wall post. However, this approach is not very accurate.

Any ideas?

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If you look at the Graph API for a User (see there is the Likes connection which returns the created_time for each of a user's likes. This is really the only reliable way to determine WHEN a user first liked an object.

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I'm not sure if it only applies to web crawlers but I do know the FB is on the "Do Not Crawl" list (robots.txt) so it may be illegal to do so. I know you are trying to find an alternate way to do so but just in case nobody else answers I wanted to make it clear that it may be illegal to crawl the page and you probably want to look into that before doing so.

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Actually, I just found this, it appears you can ask FB to be able to crawl Maybe you could ask FB how to find your answer. – Geoff May 19 '11 at 12:30

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