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Basically, is there any way to add an owner to a DependenyProperty so that it becomes an attached property of that new owner? That way I can do something like:

PrimaryControl - Original Owner
OtherControl - 2nd owner

<my:Something my:OtherControl.MyProperty="hello world" />
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What do you want to achieve by doing this? It seems like a really messy way of creating dependencies between your controls... –  dain May 19 '11 at 12:47

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Yes, you can do this using AddOwner. Your other control would look like:

public static class OtherControl {

    // MyProperty attached property
    public static readonly DependencyProperty MyPropertyProperty =

    public static string GetMyProperty(DependencyObject obj) {
        return (string)obj.GetValue(MyPropertyProperty);

    public static void SetMyProperty(DependencyObject obj, string value) {
        obj.SetValue(MyPropertyProperty, value);

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