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$flr = preg_replace("/\\\'/","%27",$flr);

If url has this symbol: ' it got replaced by %27 and url should become http://localhost/%27 But this doesn't work. For example:

$flr = preg_replace("/\\\"/","%22",$flr);

url replacment works and i get http://localhost/%22

Then why first example doesn't work ?

To test i'm using:

function isValidFLR(&$flr) {
  $flr = preg_replace("/\\\'/","%27",$flr);
  $flr = preg_replace("/\\\"/","%22",$flr);
  echo $flr;
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why dont u try rawurlencode – diEcho May 19 '11 at 13:01

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$flr = preg_replace("/'/","%27",$flr);

will work.

But, as others have said, one of the PHP functions which does this could be a better solution.

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Is what you asking for simply urlencode() ?

If you just want to replace a couple of certain characters, you should perhaps try using str_replace() instead.

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You're having problems with PHP's string escaping of quotes, getting mixed in with regex's escaping. You could end up with a very messy sequence of backslashes!

The most direct solution for your problem is simply to use single quotes on your regex string when you're searching for double-quotes:

$flr = preg_replace('/\\\"/',"%22",$flr);

However, in your case, an even simpler solution is going begging: Why do you need to use regex at all in this case? A simple str_replace() would do this job just as well, and would avoid all those hair-raising slashes.

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What about to test with following :

$flr = preg_replace("/\\\"/","%27",$flr);

(replace ' to ")

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