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The following is what I have that is exporting all usernames to a text file.

de.Path = "WinNT://domain.domain.com"
    'Write each user to a text file as List
    Using sw As New StreamWriter(File.Open(strFile, FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
        MsgBox("Writing all Users to Memory, Click OK and wait for Window to Close")
        For Each d As DirectoryEntry In de.Children()
    End Using

Once this is done I would like to run this command on each and get the text exported

  services.msc /computer=(INSERT NEXT ENTRY IN TEXT FILE)

The exporting part I can handle, but I am stuck with how to have the program read each line and then run the command on each line. I am assuming I need to use streamreader in a way like this?

Using sr As New StreamReader(File.Open(strFile, FileMode.Open))

        End Using
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You can use the ServiceContoller class to connect to the service controller on each of the returned computers, instead of using services.msc.

Using sr As New StreamReader(File.Open(strFile, FileMode.Open))

   Dim InstalledServices as List(of String) = GetInstalledServices(sr.ReadLine.Trim)

End Using

Function GetInstalledServices(ByVal Computer As String) As List(Of String)

   ' Do your service controller work here ....

End Function

EDIT: You could use Process.GetProcesses(Computer) to get the running processes on a remote machine.

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Is there a ProcessController class I can use instead of servicecontroller? –  sealz May 19 '11 at 13:34
Updated answer as response. –  Tom Pickles May 19 '11 at 15:25
Thanks for the tips ProcessController is more of What I am after –  sealz May 19 '11 at 16:10

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