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Using JSF 2.0. Got an app running with CSS and Javascript running from /Servlet/resources/css and /Servlet/resources/js accordingly.

I would like to add an images folder so I can refer to the images from the css file as /images/file.jpg. Where should I place the images folder.

Alternatively, How would I refer to the images if they were places in the /Servlet/resources/ directory?


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Then that would be the folders above the CSS file ../images/file.jpg will use the root of the virtual directory. If you want to use /images/file.jpg then you directory sturcture must look like /Servlet/resources/css/images/file.jpg but if you will refer to the same image from the JS direcotry you will have a problem.. –  ppumkin May 19 '11 at 14:05
@ppumkin Tnx. why don't you paste it into an answer so I could mark it as such? :-) –  Ben May 19 '11 at 14:07
not sure- i started out with a comment and landed up with an answer :D hahaha –  ppumkin May 19 '11 at 14:21

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That would be the folders above the CSS file.


but if you will refer to the same image from the JS direcotry you will have a problem.

Instead you could try and use (not sure what your virtual root directory but usually you would use)


  • links in the same directory as the page have no path information listed file.jpg
  • sub-directories are listed without any preceding slashes images/file.jpg
  • links up one directory are listed as ../file.jpg
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    I'd put CSS background images in a separate folder in the CSS folder:


    This way you can reference them as follows in your CSS without fiddling too much with relative path:

    background-image: url('images/foo.png');

    As to normal images which you reference by HTML <img> and on (but not by CSS), I'd put them in the following folder

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