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I am a core J2EE professional with exprience mostly in servlets, jsps, mvc frameworks and web services. I am planning to specialize (or) learn any one technology deep. I dont know what are the options, but i heard Websphere ESB is a rare tech skil. Can anyone advice , what i can pursue next ? Also, does it

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This is a difficult one for others to answer.

There a number of products and technologies (from various vendors).

In the IBM space, there are a few ESB products - WebSPhere ESB, WebSphere Message broker (to name a couple).

BPM is hot these days and IBM has a few products in that space - Lombardi Edition, Filenet BPM, WebSphere Process server etc.

You got to choose a area which you like (and the market has sufficient opportunties).

Both ESB and BPM are pretty much widely used so getting into this space would certainly help you (and is worth the time investment you make in improving skills in this space)



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Thanks alot for the guidance.. – Venkatachalam May 20 '11 at 20:22

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