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I've been implementing some @helper functions in Razor based on Scott Gu's post, and things are going pretty well.

What I was wondering though, is if it's possible to call one @helper from another. For example, I have the following helper that displays date and time for a DateTime?:

@helper DateTimeDisplay(DateTime? date)
    if (date.HasValue)
        @date.Value.ToShortDateString()<br />
        <text>at</text> @date.Value.ToShortTimeString()

This works fine, but in some situations I have other fields that are not nullable, so I tried adding this to keep things DRY:

@helper DateTimeDisplay(DateTime date)
    DateTimeDisplay(new DateTime?(date));

This compiles and runs OK, but when it renders it just shows as an empty string for the non-nullable DateTime. Here's the markup that calls the @helper functions. Model.UpdateDate is a regular DateTime and Model.LastRun is a DateTime?

    <td class="value-field">@Helpers.DateTimeDisplay(Model.UpdateDate)</td>
    <td class="value-field">@Helpers.DateTimeDisplay(Model.LastRun)</td>

Is there a way to render one @helper function by calling it from another?

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dont get your point completely...can you rephrase your question plz – Shakeeb Ahmed May 19 '11 at 14:31
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You need to write @DateTimeDisplay(...) to print the return value to the page.

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Ha, of course, I can't believe I missed that. Thanks! – ataddeini May 19 '11 at 14:40

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