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There are a few examples on implementing a quadtree using Python but my question is, does anyone know of a class written in pure python as in a single .py file that I can easily include in my project? The three most popular packages are listed here Are any of these quad-tree libraries any good? but I have not had luck with using them because of all the dependencies required to run them. I am really going for something lighweight and relatively simple to use. I would like to call the script by passing in the bounds for the entire globe and work down from there. myMethod((-180,-90,180,90))

Thanks, Adam

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What about the second library in the question you linked to (stackoverflow.com/questions/2298517/…)? The dependencies are trivial to none. –  NPE May 19 '11 at 14:36

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Take a look at Rect. You'll need 2 files. You can merge them into one.

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The wiki pages (and indeed the entire project) on code.google.com for the Rect package seem to have gone missing. Anyone know of an updated link for the missing info? –  Inactivist Jun 2 '13 at 16:01
That's unfortunate. The tar.gz is still available on PyPi though. –  moraes Jul 10 '13 at 11:39

PyQuadTree is a pretty lightweight module (that I built based on someone else's code). It's written in pure-Python, has no dependencies, and doesn't require any installation or compiling at all. It's a single .py file that can be easily included as part of bigger project, which sounds like what is being asked about here.

It also has documentation and supports both Python 2x and 3x.

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