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So I have a remote server where i upload via FTP an .war file to the deploy folder. So there are times when i just need to change one line or two from an css file. Unitl now i have to redeply the whole war (a whole hour just to upload the file). So i was wondering what could i do if I need to modify just one file?

The remote server is a Centos 5.5 with Jboss 5.1. I can access the remote server via SSH but i dont have too many permission.

Here some random code, dont worry about this :)

    function basedir(){
    var basedir = document.location.href;
    basedir = basedir.substring(0, basedir.lastIndexOf('/')) + '/';
    return basedir;
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There are software deployment tools that can help you achieving just that. For instance, KwateeSDCM will actually only upload modified files (based on an MD5 hash) between the currently installed war and your updated one.

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Thanks Jhonthats an interesting answer! – Jeeba May 27 '11 at 22:39

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