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looking for some advice

I've got a form in .NET. when the user presses submit, a sub is launched to check all checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc... and when there's an issue, i'm adding the specific issue to a stringbuilder

as per below

Dim errors As New StringBuilder
If APACradio.Checked = False And EMEAradio.Checked = False And LATAMCANADAradio.Checked = False Then
        errors.AppendLine(" You must select a Region")
    End If

    If CountryDDL.SelectedValue = "Select" Then
        errors.AppendLine(" You must select a Country")
    End If

    If EmploymentDDL.SelectedValue = "Select" Then
        errors.AppendLine(" You must select a Employment Type")
    End If


At the end of the check, i would like a Colorbox to appear, listing the lines of the stringbuilder, one by one.

I've worked with colorbox's inline HRef's before and i love that but this is a bit different as i can not preload my document with the code here. Colorbox page itself shows samples on how to load a HTML page (sample 5) but my HTML i want to show would be rather in memory than on a disk somewhere

how would i attack this issue ?

tnxs for the insight


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Why not use ColorBox's html property? Example:

  var html = '';
  // do your formatting
  return html;
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good point, i guess i was thinking too complex here. I've solved it in the meantime using placeholders, literalcontrols and a clientstartupscript . (I'm not so good in javascripting ) –  KriZ May 24 '11 at 10:24

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