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I have seen a few posts related to using the g:datePicker in Grails. Using this it looks like you can just pick the value off the params like so params.myDate.

However, when I try to do something like this in my view:


<g:link controller="c" action="a" params="[fromDate:(new Date())]">


def dateval = params.fromDate as Date

The date is not parsing out correctly. Is there something else I should be doing in the view to make the date 'parsable' by the controller. I've looked around and haven't found this in any posts where datePicker is not used.

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My plan right now is to just pass the .time portion of the date, but if Grails has some magic I don't know about and can't find, would rather use that. –  Scott May 19 '11 at 15:55

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I prefer to send time instead of dates from the client.

<g:link controller="c" action="a" params="[fromDate:(new Date().time)]">

And in action I use the constructor of Date that takes time.

def date = params.date

date = date instanceof Date ? date : new Date(date as Long)

I have created a method in DateUtil class to handle this. This works fine for me.

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When the parameters are sent to a controller they are sent as strings. The following won't work

def dateval = params.fromDate as Date

Because you haven't specified what date format to use to convert the string to a date. Replace the above with:

def dateval = Date.parse('yyyy/MM/dd', params.fromDate)

Obviously if your date is not sent in the format yyyy/MM/dd you'll need to change the second parameter. Alternatively, you can make this conversion happen automatically by registering a custom date editor

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Do you have your parse(String, String) parameters backwards? Groovy Date Specification –  ubiquibacon Oct 15 '11 at 1:15
@typoknig you're right the params were in the wrong order - I've corrected the error –  Dónal Nov 4 '11 at 17:01

Whatever is sent from view is a string so params.fromDate as Date does not work.

In grails 2.x a date method is added to the params object to allow easy, null-safe parsing of dates, like

def dateval = params.date('fromDate', 'dd-MM-yyyy')

or you can pass a list of date formats as well, like

def dateval = params.date('fromDate', ['yyyy-MM-dd', 'yyyyMMdd', 'yyMMdd'])

or the format can be read from the messages.properties via key date.myDate.format and use date method of params as

def dateval = params.date('fromDate')
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