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For automated testing, RSpec and FactoryGirl are used.

Frequently, I need to manually play with my application. So, i need a convenient way to populate database with some data.

The most convenient way to do it - is fixtures, because they handling relationships between models very well.

I know, that i can load fixtures via rake db:fixtures:load command, but sometimes i need to populate only specific models (say, only customers --> orders --> products)

I'm looking for a command, like this:

rake db:fixtures:load --models=customers,orders,products
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You can use:

rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURES=customers,orders,products
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Really great answer – Amit Pandya Jan 27 '14 at 20:54
+1; the only thing that could improve this answer is a link whichever docs say this… (can't find them myself or would edit in) – supervacuo Mar 16 at 13:33
I got it from doing rake -D db:fixtures:load – Shadwell Mar 16 at 17:06

What about using the seed command?

rake db:seed

Here's a railscast explaining it in detail:

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