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I have seen examples of multiply group by columns, but for classes. I am trying to do this for a EnumerableDataRowList. but I get "Invalid anonymous type member declarator."

                    EnumerableDataRowList<DataRow> enumerableRowCollection = new EnumerableDataRowList<DataRow>(reportData.Select("WeekKey <> '0'"));

                var groupedRows1 = from row in enumerableRowCollection
                                  group row by new {row["NETWORK"], row["Week"] };

also, I seen some people combine the columns in some case to get the same results. Any benefit in doing it that way

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You have to assign an identifier to the values:

         var groupedRows1 = from row in enumerableRowCollection
                            group row by new { Network = row["NETWORK"], Week = row["Week"] };

You normally aren't required to specify an identifier if you're using a field or property reference as it'll just reuse the name of that member - but in this case you're accessing an indexer property, so there's no way to get a name from it.

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That was quick Dan. thanks for your help!! – H20rider May 19 '11 at 18:17

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