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It's possible to create an in memory SQlite database:

rc = sqlite3_open(":memory:", &db);

but if I've understood the documentation correctly, this database is local to the app that created it.

I have a requirement for an in memory SQLite database which can be accessed by several apps. Other than creating the database on a ramdisk, is there any way of doing this?

This is for an embedded linux platform.

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You can't share an in-memory database across processes – it's really not designed to do that because it lacks the right sort of integrity promises (but which does mean it's faster) – so either put the database on more permanent storage (such as the ramdisk) or put the DB in a single process (the “database manager”) and use some form of local communication strategy (unix-domain sockets, named pipes, etc.) to allow the other processes to ask the database manager to do a query for them.

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No, you will have to create the db on a ramdisk/tmpfs, if you want it to be in memory and share it with other applications.

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/dev/shm is a good choice for this – SystemParadox Jan 11 '12 at 13:43

You could create the database (and a cross-process lock) in the process with the necessary lifetime in shared memory. All you have to do then, is treat it as any other shared memory resource (remembering to lock/unlock when accessing it). Unfortunately, I think this might require some meddling with SQLITE source to use the memory you provide (shared) rather than allocate its own.


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