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I'm encountering a little problem with my file encodings. Sadly, as of yet I still am not on good terms with everything where encoding matters; although I have learned plenty since I began using Ruby 1.9.

My problem at hand: I have several files to be processed, which are expected to be in UTF-8 format. But I do not know how to batch convert those files properly; e.g. when in Ruby, I open the file, encode the string to utf8 and save it in another place. Unfortunately that's not how it is done - the file is still in ANSI. At least that's what my Notepad++ says. I find it odd though, because the string was clearly encoded to UTF-8, and I even set the File.open parameter :encoding to 'UTF-8'. My shell is set to CP65001, which I believe also corresponds to UTF-8.

Any suggestions? Many thanks!

/e: What's more, when in Notepad++, I can convert manually as such:

  • Selecting everything,
  • copy,
  • setting encoding to UTF-8 (here, \x-escape-sequences can be seen)
  • pasting everything from clipboard

Done! Escape-characters vanish, file can be processed.

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Unfortunately that's not how it is done - the file is still in ANSI. At least that's what my Notepad++ says.

UTF-8 was designed to be a superset of ASCII, which means that most of the printable ASCII characters are the same in UTF-8. For this reason it's not possible to distinguish between ASCII and UTF-8 unless you have "special" characters. These special characters are represented using multiple bytes in UTF-8.

It's well possible that your conversion is actually working, but you can double-check by trying your program with special characters.

Also, one of the best utilities for converting between encodings is iconv, which also has ruby bindings.

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I do have special characters, for instance ü or ß. I will look into iconv, it was also mentioned in the excellent articles about ruby encoding by James Edward Gray II –  Mustermax May 19 '11 at 17:08
Still, Notepad++ is probably not able to detect the encoding. So if it messes up those characters when viewing in ANSI/ASCII-mode, your conversion is working. –  igorw May 19 '11 at 17:13

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