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We currently store all our test cases in Test Link, but bug track, task track and scope each release in Jira. Jira handles this very well, but we feel we'd like to be able to also manage the test execution with it.

Is there a tool or Jira plug in that allows us to directly link a set of test cases to a particular issue and/or release, report on the execution progress so far for a Jira release, and also allow us to store a library of test cases, allowing us to re-link test cases to other releases or future Jira issues.

Test cases are in the most part manual, we don't need anything to launch or execute automated test case sets. Preferably it's a tight integration so it's an all-in-one place system.

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Essentially, you want to create an issue type called "Test Case". Give it a workflow that runs Open -> Pass and Open -> Fail. When the test case has been executed have the build, date, time, et cetera logged. If it fails, log that same information and open a defect. In my implementation I use Jira Create and Link to make it easier to create the defect, link it to the test case and pre-populate it with relevant information. Once the defect is fixed, the test case should return to the "Open" state so it can be re-run.

The trick is tracking execution over time. There are numerous ways to go. You can create a field called "Build Tested" and have it updated every time the testcase is run. Another way to go is to write a script to post the execution history to an external system like Confluence.

In my implementation I have two types of test case: "Test Case" and "Regression Test Case". The former are subtasks of user stories and refer to new features. The latter refer to tests of existing features.

As far as grouping, the easiest way would be to use the "Component" and "Labels" fields to group test cases. That way you could search execution history thusly:

issuetype="TestCase" AND labels in (Installer, Linux, GUI) ORDER BY "Build Tested"

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