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I am trying to fill a list with random numbers and am having diffculty getting the random number part. What I have right now prints out a random number 10 times, what I want is to print out 10 different random numbers

   let a = (new System.Random()).Next(1, 1000)

   let listOfSquares = [ for i in 1 .. 10->a]
    printfn "%A" listOfSquares

any tips or suggestions?

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let genRandomNumbers count =
    let rnd = System.Random()
    List.init count (fun _ -> rnd.Next ())

let l = genRandomNumbers 10
printfn "%A" l
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Your code is simply getting one random number and using it ten times.

This extension method might be useful:

type System.Random with
    /// Generates an infinite sequence of random numbers within the given range.
    member this.GetValues(minValue, maxValue) =
        Seq.initInfinite (fun _ -> this.Next(minValue, maxValue))

Then you can use it like this:

let r = System.Random()
let nums = r.GetValues(1, 1000) |> Seq.take 10
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+1, nice use of Seq.initInfinite –  gradbot May 20 '11 at 0:26

You might find this article useful:

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When I write a random something dispenser I like to use the same random number generator for each call to the dispenser. You can do that in F# with closures (a combination of Joel's and ildjarn's answer).


let randomWord =
    let R = System.Random()
    fun n -> System.String [|for _ in 1..n -> R.Next(26) + 97 |> char|]

In this way, a single instance of Random is 'baked into' the function, reusing it with each call.

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Nice answer, but does not answer the question. Change it to generate numbers instead of a word and I think I'd like this one better. –  Mr. Baudin Dec 14 '14 at 8:58

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