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How can i login with exmpp bot to multi user chat room?

try to use:

create_move_room (Room, Username) ->
   #xmlel {name=presence, attrs=[#xmlattr{name = to,
                                          value = list_to_binary(Room ++ "@" ++ ?           JABBER_MUC_HOST ++ "/" ++ Username)}],
                                         children=[#xmlel{name=x,attrs=[#xmlattr{name=xmlns, value="?MUC"}]}]}.

But get error:

** Reason for termination =
** {badarg,[{erlang,binary_to_list,[to]},

Thank you.

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1 Answer

The error is because someone is calling binary_to_list/1 on an atom ('to').

most likely the problem is the "name = to". perhaps it should be the binary <<"to">>, list "to", or maybe even the variable To (if that exists).

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