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Here are 3 sample ip addresses:

I want this script to run ONLY if the third octate of the ip address is 3. If the third octate of the client's ip address is not 3 than I would like the script to abort.

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here are three examples of ip addresses that will be allowed to run the script:,, and –  Will Fix May 19 '11 at 17:30

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if ($addr =~ /^\d+\.\d+\.3\.\d+$/) {

  # do your stuff

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I'm assuming you're talking about a Perl CGI script. If so, from http://www.perlfect.com/articles/cgi_env.shtml:


The IP address from which the client is issuing the request.

This can be useful either for logging accesses to the script (for example a voting script might want to log voters in a file by their IP in order to prevent them from voting more than once) or to block/behave differently for particular IP adresses. (this might be a requirement in a script that has to be restricted to your local network, and maybe perform different tasks for each known host)

So you should be able to parse %ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'} and adjust your execution accordingly.

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I am running windows.. –  Will Fix May 19 '11 at 17:53
use NetAddr::IP;
if (my $addr = NetAddr::IP->new($src) and $addr->within(NetAddr::IP->new('')) {

This will of course then be trivial to change to IPv6 support, expand the subnet of allowed host, check against multiple subnets, etc.

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