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Very newbie question: setting up a Meraki wireless EXCAP walled garden, and will have users land on a terms-of-service.php (simple checkbox)... upon submission, will land on page with other info THEN need to pass to open web. Need to grab first URL, save it, pass to page2.php, and then out to web.

Meraki's example of incoming URL (when user attempts to access wireless):

Then "When you are ready to grant access to the user, send the user to GET['base_grant_url'] + "?continue_url=" + GET['user_continue_url']. In the case of the example above, this URL would be: 

Going in circles on how to do this, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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What have you tried already? – Oliver Charlesworth May 19 '11 at 17:34
So what page or pages are you writing? Maybe if you could be a little more clear on the series of pages the user will go through and what pages you need help with. – jedwards May 19 '11 at 17:37

Use rawurlencode to encode the value properly:


You can also use http_build_query to build the query automatically:

$query = array(
    'base_grant_url' => '',
    'node_id' => '222222',
    'gateway_id' => '222222',
    'client_ip' => ''
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Thanks Gumbo & Babiker, I was going in the wrong direction, by trying to use parse_url and wasn't getting anywhere. Will try these... thanks! – Muonwar May 21 '11 at 18:27

Your final URL would be:

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