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Has anyone figured out a good way to make a hidden table/matrix column take no horizontal space?

I could use some crazy conditionals to dynamically determine the contents of the columns (effectively sliding them leftward as far as possible), but that is nasty, plus doesn't allow for varying column widths in the columns to the right of the one I want to hide.

The idea is that when a parameter is set to "Any" then the column with the corresponding value should display. But when the parameter is set to an explicit single value the report doesn't need to contain that column any more (it will be separately listed as a condition at the top of the report).

This lets me use the same report in different situations, some requiring hiding unnecessary columns.

P.S. I think Microsoft should add expressions for object sizes, and I think they should add CanShrinkHorizontally to the CanShrink(Vertically) that already exists...

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I think you are looking at the Hidden property of the column. Something that is hidden will still take up space. What you want to change is the Visibility of the column. Right click on the column header and click Column Visibility and set it there.

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Okay, that is extremely nasty. When you select a column, the Hidden property shows in the properties pane, but the Visibility property is separate accessed only by a right-click on the graphical element. Thanks. Can you also help with this question? The "Column Visibility" option is greyed out in the tablix (though I've upgraded the report to SSRS 2008 by now). – ErikE Jun 21 '11 at 18:51
Matrix is also grayed out if that column is not part of a group. What I did is create a dummy group for the column. Right-click, insert column, "Adjacent before" any actual groups you want.. – FistOfFury Jan 30 at 21:05

From Hiding rows it looks like you can hide groups, and groups can be rows or columns.

Click the down-arrow next to "Column Groups" at the bottom of the Design pane, and turn on Advanced Mode. Modify the Hidden property of the Static group representing the desired column. Poof! You've made the entire column take up no space.

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I will check it out. – ErikE May 27 '11 at 2:28
Perfect! I updated your answer to be complete. – ErikE Jun 3 '11 at 3:30
it turns out that setting the Visibility property of the column is possible, which seems to me to be the "right" way. – ErikE Jun 21 '11 at 18:52

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