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After a merge, I might have both content-changes as well as property-changes to a file:

>svn st foo.h

MM      foo.h

Is there a way to keep the content-changes, but revert the property-changes?

I could copy the file to a temporary location, revert, then copy back:

>cp foo.h /tmp

>svn revert foo.h

>mv -f /tmp/foo.h foo.h

>svn st foo.h

M       foo.h

But that would be cumbersome with many files, without writing a separate script.

I was hoping there may be an svn option that I've missed.

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Sorry, I don't know of any way to just revert properties… But if I was faced with that situation, I think I would run:

$ svn proplist -v -r $REV foo.h
... # output, which I would copy to the clipboard
$ svn propedit foo.h
... paste in properties ...

And that could probably even be scripted, if you had to revert the properties for a bunch of files.

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That's not possible to just revert the properties. Svn commits are like transaction, either all are reverted, nor nothing is reverted. If you are still insisted in this work, try what David has posted as the first answer.

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Ran into this situation myself this morning. Here's a bash script that does the trick ...

for f in $( svn st . | grep '^MM' | cut -c 3- )
   cp $f $f.$$ && svn revert $f && mv $f.$$ $f 
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Good idea, but this script won't work with files that have spaces (or other IFS characters). –  Kevin Smyth Jul 24 '13 at 21:44

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