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I've been doing an Android tutorial and encountered a class with the following:

public class ImageAndTextAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<String> {

Is the <String> a form of inheritance by type? Or is it some other Java syntax that I should know about?

The class is:

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This is called generics. The class within < and > is a type parameter.

This is easiest explained by an example:

An ArrayList can store items. If you specify a type parameter like this: ArrayList<String> then this array list will store items of String type only (in other words, will store only Strings)!

Similarly, the ArrayAdapter is "parametrized" by a type as well. The ArrayAdapter probably holds a value, and this value will be of the type specified between < and >, which in your case is String.

Useful links:

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That's Java Generics.

It's like C++ templates.

It says that the ArrayAdapter is backed by an array of Strings. It's mostly useful so when you get/add objects, it's type-safe and you don't have to perform any casting.

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This is part of Generics which was introduced in Java1.5, Sometimes you don't know what type of object you can pass or get, so you can pass a generic type of object "?". In this particular instance, you are passing ArrayAdapter object which contains String objects. you can read more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generics_in_Java

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