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I have InApp purchasing setup in my app. I am having some weird behavior though. Each time I start up the app I call

[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addTransactionObserver:self];

to setup the initial observer. However this immediately triggers

- (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue *)queue updatedTransactions:(NSArray *)transactions

with a full array of every transaction. I have tried just calling

[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] finishTransaction: transaction];

on each of these transaction then restarting the app again but paymentQueue is still trigger as soon as I call addTransactionObserver. My main goal right now is just to flush the transaction queue and start clean. I don't know how I got into this state, nor how to get out of it.

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Make sure you have implemented (void)paymentQueue:(SKPaymentQueue *)queue removedTransactions:(NSArray *)transactions

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Could you suggest what would be a good practice implementation? –  Ziv Levy Jan 11 '14 at 12:22

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