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I am writing a script that uses the Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell and I plan on handing this off to other people I work with to use. Before I started using this snapin on my Dev machine I had to go to their website, download the MSI, install it and then use Add-PSSnapin to make it available.

Is there anyways I can include these steps in my script so that users don't have to do it themselves? Seems like it is a big security risk, so I'm not sure if it can even be done.

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I agree that it sounds like a bit of a security risk. Have you tried simply automating the steps? This should get you started. (Note that you'll have to provide values for the variables)

Download the installer:

$web=new-object net.webclient

Run the installer:

& "$tempdirectory\$nameofmsifile"

Add the snapin

add-pssnapin "Name of Snapin"
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No i haven't tried that (sorry, i'm new to PowerShell). Looks promising, I'll give it a shot – Abe Miessler May 20 '11 at 2:40

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