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I was able to get value set as double like this using callable statement

this.setValue(new Double(cstmt.getDouble(4)));

but when I try to write it back like this

cstmt.setDouble(4, this.getValue());

i get error..

     [exec] com\jack\common\javabean\ExampleBean.java:262: cannot resolve symbol
     [exec] symbol  : method setDouble (int,java.lang.Double)
     [exec] location: interface java.sql.CallableStatement
     [exec]                     cstmt.setDouble(7,this.getValue());
     [exec]                              ^

any suggestion what can be done with this

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Assuming that this.getValue() returns a Double, it looks like you need to use this.getValue().doubleValue() to match the method signature. It takes a double primitive, not a Double object.

I guess that you're using Java 1.4 or earlier. In 1.5 this error should have been hidden by autoboxing.

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thanks worked perfectly fine.. –  jack May 19 '11 at 21:07

Appearently the class of which cstmt is an instance, has no (visible) member function called setDouble (int, java.lang.Double). Is it possible that it should be setDouble (int, double) and you are passing an instance of java.lang.Double and the routine expects a primitive of type double?

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