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To mitigate some of the headache of working with XML I've been experimenting with PXSL, an abbreviated syntax for any XML document with advanced macro capabilities. However, since it's so new, I haven't been able to find any text editors that know how to parse it for syntax highlighting.

Do you know of any editors or plug-ins that would enable this? Where would I start if I wanted to define syntax highlighting, say for Notepad++?

Thanks in advance.

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You might check out the PApp syntax highlighting included in VIM.

The PApp syntax file handles .papp files and, to a lesser extend, .pxml and .pxsl files which are all a mixture of perl/xml/html/other using xml as the top-level file format. By default everything inside phtml or pxml sections is treated as a string with embedded preprocessor commands. If you set the variable:

:let papp_include_html=1

in your startup file it will try to syntax-hilight html code inside phtml sections, but this is relatively slow and much too colourful to be able to edit sensibly ;) (aka, pxsl is hard to parse)

The newest version of the papp.vim syntax file can usually be found at http://papp.plan9.de.

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I am not a Notepad++ user, but I can recommend you to use UltraEdit and its custom syntax highlighting feature.

It already supports several languages as stated below:


And the best side is, you can build your own word file by taking a look at the examples.

The worst part on the other hand, UltraEdit is not free..

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I think you should give it a chance at least for 30 days.. –  dincer80 Mar 4 '09 at 7:06

I'd recomend PSpad, suports a lot of languages syntax coloring and it's freeware. www.pspad.com

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To enable syntax highlighting for PXSL .pxl (or any other atypical file extension) in Notepad++, you need to:

  1. install the XML Tools plugin
  2. tell Notepad++ that .pxl (and whatever other) file extensions should be highlighted as XML.

For (1), click "Plugins" -> "Plugin Manager" -> "Show Plugin Manager". Scroll down and check off XML Tools, then install.

Once you've restarted Notepad++, do (2):

  • click "Settings" -> "Styler Configurator..."
  • In the "Language" list, select "XML"
  • In the "User ext" text box, type in "pxl"

e.g., when I wanted my DITA source files to be highlighted as XML, I added "dita ditamap" in the User ext text box to highlight files with .dita or .ditamap extensions.

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