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I wish to write an app that reads whatever filter criteria is in the Wireshark filter text box and then manipulate it using Lua. Does anyone know if that is possible? I would like to know if it is possible before I get to deep into learning Lua and using it with Wireshark.

Thanks! Joe

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No, you can't read it, but you can set the filter and apply it to the current capture. See the GUI Support section in the Wireshark docs.

To set the text of the display filter textbox, use set_filter(text). To apply the current text of the display filter (make it take effect), use apply_filter().

Avoid calling apply_filter() from within a dissector (infinite loop can occur from re-invoking the dissector). The function is better suited in a menu action or a button action.

EDIT: To add your own get_filter() Lua function to Wireshark's Lua API (untested):

  1. Add a function named funnel_get_filter() in funnel_stat.c (see line 468 for example).
  2. Add get_filter to funnel_ops_t (funnel.h:80).
  3. Add funnel_get_filter to funnel_ops at funnel_stat.c:546 and at tap-funnel.c:90. Make sure you add it at the correct array index according to funnel_ops_t.
  4. Copy the code below to wslua_gui.c and then compile:

/* TODO: Test me!! */

WSLUA_FUNCTION wslua_get_filter(lua_State* L) { /* Get the text of the display filter textbox */
    const gchar* text;
    text = ops->get_filter();
    WSLUA_RETURN(1); /* The display filter textbox's text. */
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That is unfortunate. I really need to read the existing filter text (if any) without otherwise impacting standard workflow for my app. I originally considered modifying the Wireshark source for this purpose. Adding this function to the Lua interface would be much easier I believe. Do you have any pointers on adding this as a new Lua function? –  Joe May 26 '11 at 14:54
Edited answer to add get_filter to Wireshark Lua API. Let me know if it works. –  tony19 Jun 9 '11 at 17:16

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