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Hello How do I write a DIV inside another with jQuery. I have a DIV that I can not modify by HTML because I am working on CMS. So I want to write an element(DIV) inside this DIV with a click function.

I already have created the click function, but how do I write with jQuery a DIV INSIDE another specific DIV?

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You could select the existing div, and append a new div to it:

$('#OuterDiv').append('<div id="innerDiv"></div>');
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Like this:

$("#div1").click(function() {

    $(this).append("<div>new div</div>");


or this:

$("#div1").click(function() {

    var $div = $("<div/>")
                   .attr("id", "div2")
                   .html("new div");


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$('.clickaclick').click( function(){    
    $('.parent_div').html('<div />');

That should do it, assuming you don't care what's in that .parent_div . There are so many approaches to doing this kind of thing, it'd do you best to read up a bit on jQuery's DOM insertion methods.

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You can use the jQuery wrap() method, that will wrap you inner div inside another

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create a new element


then append that to where you need to

$('<div>').text('im a new div').appendTo($('#divId'));

hope this helps

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