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    var distance_from_top = $("#content").scrollTop();
    var theinverse = -1 * distance_from_top;
    var theinverse2 = theinverse + "px";
    $("#topheader").css( "marginTop", theinverse2);

What's the most efficient way to do the above? Basically make #topheader top margin equal to the negative distance scrolled from the top.

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caching caching caching.

content = $("#content");
topheader = document.getElementById("topheader");
content.scroll(function() {  = -content.scrollTop() + "px";
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Efficient or short because you could simply do this for shortness.

    $("#topheader").css( "marginTop", -$("#content").scrollTop() + "px");

When probably need more context (source of the web page) if you want efficiency.

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