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I have the following graph of entities:

  DateTime Opened
  DateTime? Closed 

  DateTime Opened
  DateTime? Closed 

How to select all items where Closed is null and only prices where Closed is null?

As you can see Item and Price have valid period, so I need select only valid Items and with valid Prices.

I know how to select items, but I don't know how to constrain "nested" prices.

Items.Where(i => i.Closed == null).Where(i => i.Prices <need constraint prices>)
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I think you're probably looking for something like this?

Items.Where(i => !i.Closed.HasValue && i.Prices.Any(p => !p.Closed.HasValue))

That will only select items that have a non-closed price.

If you want to actually get a list of non-closed prices per item, I'd switch to LINQ syntax and do something like this:

from i in Items
where !i.Closed.HasValue
from p in i.Prices
where !p.Closed.HasValue
group p by i into itemPrices
select new {
    Opened = i.Opened
    Closed = i.Closed
    Items = itemPrices
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Shouldn't that be Prices.All? –  RPM1984 May 19 '11 at 23:29
It depends on what the requirement is - Any() will filter items that have at least one non-closed price, All() will ensure that the items have only non-closed prices. –  Daniel Schaffer May 20 '11 at 0:01
yes i know, and i was under the impression the requirement was the latter. i could have misread the q though. –  RPM1984 May 20 '11 at 0:45
Actually it looks more like he wants what's in the 2nd snippet anyways. –  Daniel Schaffer May 20 '11 at 2:07


        .Where(x => x.Closed == null)
        .Select(x =>
            new Item
                Closed = x.Closed,
                Opened = x.Opened,
                Prices = new List<Price>(x.Prices.Where(p => p.Closed == null))
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from item in items
where item.Closed == null
let prices = from price in item.Prices
             where price.Close == null
             select price
select new
    Item = item,
    Prices = prices.ToArray()
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