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I am having some difficulties with a form that is part of a lightbox page. On some versions of IE people are reporting that the form is not sending.

I am wondering if I have implemented the lightbox correctly. I am using Colorbox.

Can somone please tell me..

  • am I supposed to treat the page that is being lightbox as a complete page? i.e should it have a doctype, html, body tags?
  • should I be referencing jquery on both the parent page AND the lightbox page?
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If the lightbox is a separate page, implimented as an iframe, then it needs to be a complete page, and the form should work, leading to the results of the form loading in the iframe.

You don't need jQuery on a page because it is displayed in an iframe, but you may need it for other reasons (form validation, for example).

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Thanks. I thought that was the case. – swisstony May 20 '11 at 1:19

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