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I used to use JavaBlackBelt a lot when I was first learning java, I have now switched to .Net and I was wondering if there was an equivalent site?

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Nothing like JavaBlackBelt that is smartly motivating developers to enhance their skills. You have to pay Microsoft for any test.

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I found CodeProject helped me a lot when I started out 7 years back. It was a lot less overcrowded then, but it remains an excellent resource for Windows and .NET programmers.

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I haven't been back to the site in quite a long time... I use to be very active on the forums... that brings back memories. –  monksy Nov 6 '09 at 19:27

Actually JavaBlackBelt has some stuff (beta exams) for c#. I hope many more to come

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I'd recommend CodeBetter.com its not the same but very insightful.

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You need to take a lot of the content on there with a pinch of salt though. There are some fanatical One True Way bloggers on there... –  Greg Beech Mar 18 '09 at 20:50

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) has a section on training. I realize that it's not an open community, but since you're new to .NET I thought I'd mention it.

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I like Codeproject and MSDN

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