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I'm currently working on a generic voting bundle for Symfony2, but have stumbled into either a limitation of Doctrine2, or my own understanding of its capabilities.

In this bundle, there is only one Vote entity and it has a one-many relationship with n other objects. I know how I would do this if I had plain SQL (below), but is there something similar I can do to the following in Doctrine2? If not, can you recommend alternative solutions for me to investigate?

  vote_id int unsigned not null auto_increment,
  target_id int unsigned not null,
  target_class varchar(64) not null,
  vote_value tinyint(1) not null default 0,
  PRIMARY KEY (vote_id)

CREATE TABLE voteable_entity_a (
  -- whatever columns

CREATE TABLE voteable_entity_b (
  -- whatever columns

I noticed there is Single-Table Inheritance, where I can use a discriminator column, but that is purposed towards having multiple objects based on the highest Vote class. This isn't quite what I want.

Worst comes to worst, how janky is it to fallback to just using QueryBuilder for everything?

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This is is not really supported, i had similar feature requests before but it is rather tricky to support this without exposing the details to the domain model. The following workaround is currently used by Typo3:


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Fantastic, I was hoping you'd send me somewhere that it has already been solved. Greatly appreciated, Benjamin! –  rizza May 20 '11 at 16:10

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