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Can anyone recomend a good javascript lib for working with Google Maps or Live Maps(virtualearth )?

Is jQuery og Prototype something to consider?

I think I remember that asp.net ajax had some controls and hooks for working with virtual earth back in the day, but cant seem to find it any more.


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I've used both jQuery and Prototype. They both have their ups and downs, however I recently switched from Prototype to jQuery and have really been enjoying it.

Here is a link to the Google jQuery plugin.

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jQuery and Prototype are "general" JS frameworks (for lack of a better word), mostly aimed at manipulating the DOM/handling events etc. You want one of the Map APIs:

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Google's own Javascript Client Library can be used to interact with various google services, including maps.

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I could have sworn this was already available. Looks like it isn't still. The Dojo toolkit might be the first to implement it, though. Look for developments here.

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