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I have some string data with alphanumeric value. like us01name, phc01name and other i.e alphabates + number + alphabates.

i would like to get first alphabates + number in first string and remaining on second.

How can i do it in php?

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You can use a regular expression:

// if statement checks there's at least one match
if(preg_match('/([A-z]+[0-9]+)([A-z]+)/', $string, $matches) > 0){
    $firstbit = $matches[1];
    $nextbit  = $matches[2];

Just to break the regular expression down into parts so you know what each bit does:

(              Begin group 1
  [A-z]+         As many alphabet characters as there are (case agnostic)
  [0-9]+         As many numbers as there are
)              End group 1
(              Begin group 2
  [A-z]+         As many alphabet characters as there are (case agnostic)
)              End group 2
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thxn... more descriptive... m using suggestion from anubhava too – KoolKabin May 20 '11 at 3:13

Try this code:

preg_match('~([^\d]+\d+)(.*)~', "us01name", $m);
var_dump($m[1]); // 1st string + number
var_dump($m[2]); // 2nd string


string(4) "us01"
string(4) "name"

Even this more restrictive regex will also work for you:

preg_match('~([A-Z]+\d+)([A-Z]+)~i', "us01name", $m);
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You could use preg_split on the digits with the pattern capture flag. It returns all pieces, so you'd have to put them back together. However, in my opinion is more intuitive and flexible than a complete pattern regex. Plus, preg_split() is underused :)


$str = 'user01jason';
$pieces = preg_split('/(\d+)/', $str, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);


    [0] => user
    [1] => 01
    [2] => jason
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