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Is it possible in Dojo to create a widget programatically that does an xhr during postCreate and then on response create a data grid and display contents. Attach points in templatestring are allowed, but no markup. The widget can take in a srcNode parameter.

onMyCreate(params, srcNode)
    // everything happens within in the widget and the display.
    var wdg = new MyWidget(params, srcNode);
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I don't see why not. Create store --> xhr to get data --> populate store with data --> create data grid at the attach point passed in giving it reference to that store. It shouldn't make a difference where you decide to call it as long as the attach point exists and you handle the store correctly.

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The attach point itself should be present in the templateString as '<div dojoAttachPoint="myAttachPoint"></div>' and not passed in, i.e., the attach point is currently not yet present in the HTML. –  foobarometer May 20 '11 at 4:26

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