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Working with Grails 1.3.7, I've to deal with a legacy DB. I've a domain object ''Cake'' which have it's own collection of embedded ''Ingredients'', in a join table.


class Ingredient {
  String name
  IngredientCategory category

  mapping {
    table "foo_ingredient"
    version false
    id composite:['name', 'category']
    columns {
      word     column:"the_name"
     category column:"lol_category_id"



class Cake {
  String name

  static hasMany = [ ingredients : Ingredient ]

  static mapping = {
    table "foo_cake"
    version false
    columns {
      id   column:"id"
      name column:"the_name"

    ingredients joinTable: [
      name : "foo_cake_ingredient",
      key  : "cake_id"

Problem is, Grails expect that the table ''foo_cake_ingredient'' to have two columns ''ingredient_name'' and ''ingredient_category_id''. I would like to specify manually those column names and not let Grails (wrongly) guess those. I can't figure how to do that.

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I showed how to do this here:

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Sadly, it does not work for me :( It seems that a set of embedded objects, can not express that in GORM. – Monkey May 23 '11 at 3:16

You probably have to create a hibernate xml mapping for the two tables in this relationship.

Have you read ?

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