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 query_TMEditSheet = _
                    From tm In Context_DomainService1TMTM.GetTMTMSQuery()
                    Where tm.tmsDate = MainPage.TimeSheetDateSelect_selectdate.Date
                    Where tm.tmsUserID = MainPage.user_userID

Using where two times like this means, AND/ ANDALSO/OR?

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Using where twice would mean AND. Something like:

SELECT tm.* FROM ... tm WHERE tm.tmsDate = ? AND tm.tmsUserID = ?

You would probably have the same effect by putting both conditions in the same Where statement, like:

Where tm.tmsDate = MainPage.TimeSheetDateSelect_selectdate.Date && tm.tmsUserID = MainPage.user_userID

but what you have is more readable IMO.

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Using Where two times in a row like this corresponds to AND in SQL. SQL does not have an ANDALSO operator.

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